Mausoleum of Theoderic

Mausoleum of Theoderic (Ostrogoth) 

Location: Ravenna, Italy

520 CE

I know i have posted this before sometime in the past 5 years but I just wanted to revisit it today. I am currently listening to a great podcast: History of Byzantium and today I reached the episode with good ol' Theoderic. As someone who is passionate about Visigoths (those who inhabited my lovely adopted homeland of Spain), I sometimes forget the other Goths that were out and about in Europe at the same time. I tend to also categorize groups by the area they ruled and forget their strategic importance in the development in early Medieval Europe. 

If you haven't listened to the History of Byzantium podcast, I highly recommend it. Not only is it informative but it's entertaining and easy to get hooked on. I am only on the beginning episodes but I see myself becoming a die-hard fan.