REVISITED: Roman ruins of Augustobriga in Extremadura

Post updated Dec 4, 2017. Original post from May 23, 2016.

Recently I was engrossed in travel posts from and his posts from his trips around Extremadura, Spain. I met Andrea Vincenti last year the Museo Arqueológico in Madrid at their ARQUEONET event. After reading some of his posts I decided to revisit some of my past travels around Spain as well. I lived in Madrid for almost 9 years and during that time I had the chance to visit the country extensively.  I have been to Extremadura various times [usually for an annual cheese festival in Trujillo].

On my way back from the 2016 International cheese festival in Trujillo, I stopped at the Roman ruins of Augustobriga. These ruins are special for various reasons:

  • The ruins are from the ancient Roman city that was situated between Merida and Talavera de la Reina
  • Due to flooding and a reservoir these ruins were relocated stone by stone to their current location on a hill over looking the water.

It's a really cool place to visit, peaceful and literally in the middle of nowhere. 

Remaining arches of Augustobriga

View from the pantano