Little life achievements - The Saxon Tower moment

There was a time 10-12 years ago where I thought my current life was impossible to achieve. Sadly, I have employed this mentality on almost every aspect of my life and man it's getting tiring trying to keep things deemed as "impossible. The truth is, [yes, cliche phrase in 3...2...1...] anything is possible. So why now do I open up and write this post? 

I've spent the last 15 years of my life obsessing over art history, history, and culture. Tailored to speak and think like an academic, I tend to tone down my posts and tidbits about my travels to keep it "history serious". Oddly enough, there is no need at all the be serious and I was just making myself try to fit a mould that I felt was appropriate for the content I love. History doesn't need to be boring or serious or mundane. Though many history [older versions] books are snooze worthy and dense, that doesn't mean we have to keep up with that trend. Anyway, where am I going with this? Let's [talking to myself more here] stay on track.

I titled this post "Little life achievements" because though I constantly tell myself I can do more and what I have done so far isn't good enough, I do need to recognize that I have actually done some pretty cool things that 18 year old me would be really impressed with.

On Monday I was in Oxford, UK for the morning and was able to visit some fun sights and see others I had visited before. I needed to meet someone midday and had to find an obvious place to convene. During our rendezvous chat I said "Meet me at the Saxon Tower". [Picture below]. After I hung up, I stopped for a second and thought, "Did I really just tell someone to meet me at a Saxon tower?"  HELL YEAH I DID. I even Whatsapped my history bff to tell her that those words were even uttered in the first place. [She is an Anglo-Saxon scholar so she gets this giddiness] For those of you in England, this probably isn't that exciting but for me, coming from Tucson, Arizona and dreaming of Medieval history since I was a kid, this was pretty damn awesome. 

I read books, I watched Camelot, and have studied Medieval history for decades now and just the thought that I am in proximity of a Saxon tower let alone, I could go into it and touch it.... that was almost a sensory overload.

I've spent 6 years with my blog/website and only recently realized how lifeless and distant it comes off. [I am sorry for that and probably why no one ever speaks to me haha] I AM A REAL PERSON. I am a history nerd who hugs old stones and gets teary when I see crenellations. I spaz out at towers, trebuchets and paintings. A decade ago if you had told me that I would have lived in 3 countries, visited places from my history books and people would care about my nerdy ramblings, I would have said you're nuts. BUT here we are, aren't we. 

Said Saxon Tower in Oxford, UK. St. Michael's at North Gate

Said Saxon Tower in Oxford, UK. St. Michael's at North Gate