Life Goals - Italian Olive Name

I studied at the University of Arizona from 2005-2009. During those four years I was lucky enough to take three classes with Dr. David Soren: Roman Art & Archaeology, Roman Painting and Art History in Early 20th century film. Apart from my two other professors who I attribute my passion with, Dr. Soren was the game changer. In 2007 I had a college existential crisis and decided I needed to change my major because art history had no future [WRONG!]. I started the whole process to change to Education though I was reluctant. That spring semester I had my first class with Dr. Soren: Roman Art & Archaeology. In the midst of my crisis and insistence on changing I had to attend his class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9am. It was a pain to get up so early [early for me at that time anyway, now I am up at 8am everyday willingly!]. His passion, charisma and dedication to teaching and sharing history in an engaging way changed my entire life. I stopped the major change process and stayed with Art History. I went on to take his upper division courses where we were just 20 to a class and was more moved to follow my passion than ever before. Roman Painting was where I reconnected with a close friend from high school [my awesome now pandemic fighting pal, Saskia] and where his passion transformed learning into an experience rather than a chore.

I am not alone in holding this fine professor in high esteem. Dr. Soren has spent over three decades visiting and researching in Italy in the Umbria region. He has made such an impact there that they have named a new olive after him. AN ITALIAN OLIVE HAS HIS NAME. If this isn't a life goal, than I don't know what is. He's impacted so many people across the world and now a tasty treat too!

You can see the full news article here: Italian olive to be named after professor


Dr. Soren & Lana

"As you live and work over there in these small agricultural communities, the people are just incredibly wonderful, and that's one of the main reasons I keep doing it, because I want to help them," he said.