7 Glorious Years!

It's been 7 years on this fantastic voyage called blogging. When I started all I wanted to do was keep myself interested in what I loved, share it with fellow nerds and not lose touch with the academic world. I had a desk job that wasn't at all fulfilling and writing humorous posts about art seemed like the logical way to keep myself entertained. From there, my audience grew and so did my content. I shared all the things that I had loved myself and found beautiful. I poured my heart out over historiated capitals and my desire to hug columns (still thing I currently love to do).

By sharing what I loved and being open about it, I gained a following that I had never expected in a million years. Which was an error on my part for assuming that there were not so many people interested in Medieval art like I am. Seven years down the road and I have the pleasure of sharing new things with over 254,000+ worldwide. The support is always overwhelming and encouraging. From my hard work, dedication and constant drive to find a way to make art history part of my every day life I found a job working with the very people I looked to as inspirations in 2011. My role at Medievalists.net is what I have always dreamed of doing.

As a medievalist and art historian who is not in academia and did not go on to graduate studies, finding your niche is very difficult. It's is not impossible but there are hurdles. Regardless of the obstacles we all  have to keep pushing forward to share what we love and preserve it. We are truly the only ones who can do that. 

I want to think everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging over the years. It means a lot to me. I look forward to seeing where things go from here!

Here's a look back at my first post that got me started:

first blog post.jpg