El Prado: "Orgullo de arte. El viaje LGTB del Museo del Prado" - Pride in museums and the #queermuseum

After some fun exchanges on Twitter last week, I felt I needed to share are more comprehensive post about the Prado exhibition.

First, I love the Prado. I have lived in walking distance from the museum since I moved to Madrid in 2009 and visit it at least 10-15 times per year. (Yes, it seems like a lot but I mean... it's the Prado!)

World Pride was celebrated just over a week ago and little did I know before that the Prado had a specific exhibition highlighting same sex romance in art! Take the time to check out the article here (In spanish): Orgullo de arte

 Also there is a video series here: "The Other Gaze"

For more about museums looking at same sex romance check out the hashtag #queermuseum on Twitter!

The Prado continues to inspire me and I am proud to live in such an open loving city.