Très Riches Heures

This week I kicked off the pre-semester study sessions with my most recent Masters student. We will be focusing on the Northern Renaissance for the next few months so I have decided to give myself a crash refresher course on all this wonderful stuff. The last time I was really thinking about the Northern Renaissance, it had to be 2008. 

Yesterday's class brought us to one of my favorite pieces: Très Riches Heures by the Limbourg Brothers, commissioned by the Duke of Berry in 1412 and was created between 1412 and 1416. 

Our first stop was in January looking at the feast of the New Year.

Très Riches Heures - Limbourg Brothers 1412, Janvier

Not that I had forgotten how much I liked this piece but I was brought back to my ARH 416 class where we discussed this in depth, looking at all the intricate details and discussing the complex significance that each object and detail had. Illuminated manuscripts, especially from the 15th century, possess amazing artwork with miniscule details that entertain the viewer for hours on end.

It was nice to see Monsieur Jean de Berry in his finest clothes and classy fur hat once again.