Viking myths and truths straight from the norse horse's mouth

YOURWAY2NORWAY recently shared with me their latest YouTube video looking at debunking those stereotypes and myths that tend to come to mind when we think Viking. I must admit that I am not a Viking expert at all but I do find their culture really interesting and alluring. This video covers 10 typical myths that the public seems to have a unanimous idea about. Again, I am NOT a Viking expert so it's very possible that you are more well versed in the lives and history of our Nordic friends but the video is very worth watching. There were at least 4 instances where I was surprised at the information shared and this top notch archaeologist who is featured seems just as excited to debunk these myths as I am to hear about the truth. The way to my heart is humor and history!

Well worth the 20 mins, informative and entertaining! I am eager to see what else comes from our Norwegian friends in their next YouTube videos! Check out their channel to see other Norway info:

Great job!