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EXHIBITION - Stop and smell the ancient Greek roses (literally)

Fragrances found in antiquity revived for first ever scent focused exhibition at Athens museum

Scent exhib.jpg

The exhibition features 340 antiquities from the collections of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.


Photograph: Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images

As a history buff (though it may be hard to believe I am truly interested in a vast array of history, not just medieval) I get very excited to see new approaches to sharing history with the public. Museums have the unique opportunity to innovate the way we experience history and learn about our past. Typically we are visually engaged and if permitted, we are able to touch replicas of certain pieces to have a tactile experience as well. The National Archaeological Museum of Athens has gone to the next level and to celebrate their 150 years have an exhibition inviting visitors to discover the scents of antiquity. That's right..SCENTS. 

What were the fragrances that were wafting around ancient Greece when our beloved fellow humans were wandering along the coast of the Mediterranean? Chemists resurrected the scent of Aphrodite’s Rose for this groundbreaking exhibition, the first of its kind in the world.

Museum Marathon - London, April



Help raise money for charity, meet other museum lovers and enjoy some art. It's a WIN WIN WIN!

Museum maven Mar Dixon is putting together a Museum Marathon that will take place in London in April. Participants will walk to 26 museums, share photos and raise money for charity. I've already signed up! Just reply to the Twitter thread here to get on board: Museum Marathon 2018



El Prado: "Orgullo de arte. El viaje LGTB del Museo del Prado" - Pride in museums and the #queermuseum

After some fun exchanges on Twitter last week, I felt I needed to share are more comprehensive post about the Prado exhibition.

First, I love the Prado. I have lived in walking distance from the museum since I moved to Madrid in 2009 and visit it at least 10-15 times per year. (Yes, it seems like a lot but I mean... it's the Prado!)

World Pride was celebrated just over a week ago and little did I know before that the Prado had a specific exhibition highlighting same sex romance in art! Take the time to check out the article here (In spanish): Orgullo de arte

 Also there is a video series here: "The Other Gaze"

For more about museums looking at same sex romance check out the hashtag #queermuseum on Twitter!

The Prado continues to inspire me and I am proud to live in such an open loving city.