Market and promote your work through a personal brand

Gaining the confidence to promote your work or project can be daunting. Putting yourself out there is the first step and frankly the most difficult for most. There are endless possibilities out there to exhibit your work, collaborate with other artists and turn your passion into your life. Let me help you get your name out there, create a personal brand around your art, artistic idenity and goals.

I am an experience marketer with extensive background in art and art history. Together we can capitalize on the opportunities around you, abroad and beyond. Let's make a name for yourself and let the creativity flow!

Contact me for a personalized consultation! 

What do I have and how can I help you?

  • Expert PR skills
  • Gallery contacts throughout the US and Europe
  • Social media outlet with more than 250,000+ followers dedicated to the promotion of art and artists
  • Academic and museum institution contacts throughout Europe and the US
  • Marketing experience to successfully encapsulate your vision, goals and identity
  • Experience in web content creation and marketing
  • Artist representation and promotion through local and regional art expos 
  • Bilingual content creation and promotion
  • 9+ years of social media marketing experience
  • Digitial publication experience - Adobe InDesign DPS & Twixl (not limited to creation, implementation and marketing)
  • Website creation, unique content creation and tailored social media outlets
  • Extensive international event management and event marketing experience
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