About Caroline Quintanar

Founder and chief blogger for ARH with CQ and Editor of The Medieval Magazine.

My love of art history started when still in high school with my first introductory class. We did visual analysis of various works from Albrecht Duerer. From there is branched into Renaissance (like many eventually do). My first few years at the University of Arizona I studied various periods and areas however in 2008 I was introduced to Spanish Medieval art and Architecture thanks to Dr. Therese Martin. From here  my interest grew and I actively took all classes offered on this subject. In 2009 I graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor's in Art History and Spanish. I promptly made my move to Spain out of the pure desire to be here. I have been living in Madrid, Spain since June 2009.  

This website blossomed from my Tumblr blog that initially served as my art history outlet. I started my blog in 2011 with the intention of maintaining my love of medieval art and architecture alive and to be able to share this with a wider audience. Since then my blog has grown to a diverse 250,000+ followers worldwide and continues to grow. My ultimate goal is to be able travel throughout Spain and Europe documenting and sharing the lesser known Medieval monuments and works of art and promote their conservation. My personal goal is to work with educational institutions around the world to better facilitate information and educational experiences to art history students. There is still much to be studied and appreciated, it just has to brought to the right audience. Culture depends on the study and preservation of history and interest not only locally and nationally but internationally. Once we're gone, the only thing we have left is what remains standing.